Every day, an estimated 5,700 more children become orphans. NOTE: UNICEF USA's 2019 Annual Report highlights our work — and financial results — for Fiscal Year 2019 (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019). But whatever you do, don’t let these overwhelming statistics discourage you. UNICEF is the global leader promoting and protecting children’s rights in 190 countries, including India. 787.6. million. Global Orphan Prevention is an award-winning 501(c)3 nonprofit that aims to prevent the trafficking of children for purposes of orphan or sexual exploitation through education, empowerment, and … Every one is precious in the eyes of God, and He has an extra-special place in His heart for those children who are orphans (see verses here). Each day in 2019, approximately 880 children became infected with HIV and approximately 310 children died from AIDS related causes, mostly because of inadequate access to HIV prevention, care and treatment services. Adolescents – defined by the United Nations as those between the ages of 10 and 19 – number 1.2 billion in the world today, making up 16 per cent of the world’s population. . In 2018, UNICEF delivered 787.6 million live-saving immunization syringes. Children are often relinquished due to war, natural disaster, poverty, disease, stigma, and medical needs. Yet, their vulnerabilities and needs often remain unaddressed. key statistics on child survival, development and protection for the world’s countries, areas and regions. 1.26. billion. UNICEF’s statement that there are 163 million orphans worldwide has been widely misinterpreted as meaning that 163 million children are in need of new adoptive families. 16.7 percent of children under 18 are Orphans … share. As children up to the age of 18, most adolescents are protected under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Orphan statistics explained. These startling orphan statistics are more than mere facts; remember that each number is a precious child . According to UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund), there are roughly 153 million orphans worldwide. Key demographic indicators for Philippines: Under-Five Mortality Rate, Population. Orphans, Children orphaned by AIDS (thousands) 2012 – Orphans, Children orphaned due to all causes (thousands) 2012 – Orphans, Orphan school attendance ratio … The statistical tables in this volume support UNICEF’s focus on progress and results towards internationally agreed-upon goals and compacts relating to children’s rights and development. Annual Report 2019 . Efforts have been made to maximize the Of the estimated 38.0 million [confidence bounds: 31.5-44.6 million] people living with HIV worldwide in 2019, 2.8 million [1.9-3.7 million] were children aged 0-19. a real little kid. Many Westerners imagine that a significant number of these adoptable children … Malawi has a young population: 66 percent of its 17 million people are under age 25; 53 percent are 18 and younger*. .