They were likely converted through Javascript into contenteditable iframed documents. What ever you want to be displayed in side textarea should be given in between the textarea's open and close … We will use the following Student model class throughout this article. A textarea is a form element that allows the user to enter multiple lines of text. But it will display the string as plain text, not as html code. This is a non-standard attribute supported by WebKit on iOS (therefore nearly all browsers running on iOS, including Safari, Firefox, and Chrome), which controls whether and how the text value should be automatically capitalized as it is entered/edited by the user. Here’s a look at how those two attributes affect the presentation of a textarea. Php/html auto add br tags in a textarea. Here we define the text area using "textarea" tag. Any help would be great. The non-deprecated values are available in iOS 5 and later. Using the Code. Oh,